Pictured above: EV chassis showing gigacasting technology

22 February 2024 – Tokyo, Japan

On 22 February 2024, Gareth Fismer, GM for SA Operations, and Dawid Dippenaar, GM for Commercial, embarked on a remarkable journey to Tokyo, Japan, to participate in the prestigious Global Toyota Suppliers Convention. This event was a monumental occasion as only two suppliers from South Africa were invited by Toyota, underscoring the significance of the partnership.

The convention kicked off with a captivating exhibition showcasing Toyota’s latest technologies. One of the highlights of this event was the exhibition of the highly anticipated Lexus Electric sports model, a testament to Toyota’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Pictured above: Gareth Fismer, GM for SA Operations, and Dawid Dippenaar in front of a hydrogen fuel cell display unit

The convention provided a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the future direction of Toyota. Top global executives took the stage, sharing the company’s vision for the coming years. Toyota’s dedication to shaping the future of the automotive industry was evident in these informative and inspiring sessions.

Gareth and Dawid expressed their immense gratitude for being chosen as representatives on behalf of CRH-Africa and Adient-PPC from South Africa. The privilege of attending an event of this magnitude solidified their commitment to the partnership with Toyota. The convention offered a glimpse into the exciting journey ahead, and both representatives left Tokyo with a sense of pride and anticipation.

Gareth and Dawid met with Toyota South Africa key figures during their stay in Tokyo. Theo Govender, GM of Purchasing, and his Japanese colleague Kenichi Hirahashi engaged in valuable discussions, fostering a stronger connection between the global and regional arms of the company. These interactions emphasised the collaborative spirit that defines the Toyota family.

As pictured above: Kenichi Hirahashi, Gareth Fismer, and Dawid Dippenaar

As pictured above: Gareth Fismer, Theo Govender, and Dawid Dippenaar

The Global Toyota Suppliers Convention in Tokyo was more than an event; it was a celebration of partnership and innovation. As Gareth and Dawid return to South Africa, they carry with them not only the knowledge gained from the exhibition and sessions but also the honour of being integral parts of Toyota’s journey into the future. The convention marked a significant chapter in the enduring collaboration between South African suppliers and the global automotive giant, reaffirming the shared commitment to excellence and progress.